Timeless High Street Female Loafers

Shoes that returned to the big door a few years ago still do not cease to delight the fashion world. Fantastic comfort and the fact that they can be paired with all pieces of wardrobe only further confirm that loafers will continue to be popular on catwalks, because both women and men just love them. Thanks to creativity in the fashion industry, these traditional shoes are getting new interpretations every year, such as heels and luxury materials.

The first slip-on loafers were made for King George VI, from the bespoke house shoes Wildsmith Shoes. Over time, the shoes have undergone various modifications and today it is believed that the foundation for the look of today’s loafers was created in 1934, when G. H. Bass made his first version of the loafer which he called Weejuns. Fashion houses already saw the right opportunity at that moment, so Gucci went to the market a few years later with their collection, and the rest is history.

Simply, loafers have become a favorite piece of footwear, too comfortable and great for all occasions and all seasons. Whether you combine these shoes with jeans and a T-shirt, a summer dress or a nice autumn coat, you will not go wrong! Choose leather, suede or rubber loafers and combine them easily with just about any outfit and look classy. Another peculiarity that excites both men and women is that loafers can be both casual and dress shoes: they look particularly good on men’s and women’s business suits. Simply – loafers fit into every dress code.

Rarely can a piece of footwear be so old-fashioned and fashionableand simply adored by both men and women!

Check out some ideas of this timeless fashion hit, from high street brands.

gucci jordaans black
Gucci Jordaan Loafers @emilyjanehardy


aeyde loafers aurora 2
Aeyde Aurora @aeyde


aquazurra lopard
AQUAZZURA Purist @matchesfashion


chloe loafers
Chloé @matchesfashion


High Street Female Loafers. 
High Street Female Loafers. 

Nicholas Kirkwood Beya @matchesfashion.

High Street Female Loafers.

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