Tea magic: World’s best drink

Tea, as probably the oldest drink in the world, has become part of the culture of every corner in the world. No matter the season, hot tea is always a great choice that, in addition to being tasty, can help us in different situations and even affect our mood and general state of mind. Whether you drink Turkish tea for breakfast, British afternoon milk tea or enjoy traditional Chinese tea occasions, this is the best and most healthy beverage you could choose. Tea drinking ceremony is very important in many cultures, with tea we serve guests, start conversations and give a warm note to social life.

Legend has it that a long time ago a Chinese emperor, tired of traveling, requested a refreshment. One leaf fell into the pot with hot water while the servant was preparing a serving, and the emperor was completely delighted with the taste ever since, always wanting to drink tea. The Chinese perfected this drink over time, finding the herbs that give it the best taste, and so began the tea trade, and the rest of the world discovered the magic of this powerful drink.

Chinese tea
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The tradition of drinking tea has become a fashion, even in some countries, marking prestige. In addition, a special tea pot has been developed, made of porcelain, glass, wood, each country today has its own classic tea cup. In Turkey it is a glass in the form of a tulip, British cups are made of porcelain with floral details, in Morocco it is a glass cup with various patterns, while in China tea is served in bamboo cups.

Turkish tea
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Whatever type of tea and method of serving and drinking you prefer, enjoy your cup of tea that will keep you warm, relaxing and releasing the hormones of happiness!

  1. Green tea regulates the blood sugar level, lowers cholesterol, improves your skin quality and improves eyesight.
  2. Black tea eliminates free radical in the body, boosts immune system and lowers the risk for heart problems.
  3. Chamomile tea treats insomnia, improves skin health, treats anxiety and increases immunity.
  4. Chai tea can boost energy, sooth pain, aid digestion and help with weight loss.
  5. Hibiscus tea is an anti-depressant, it helps improve cardiovascular health and improves blood circulation.
Moroccan tea
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