Fantastic balcony decor ideas inspired by cities around the world

Decorate your balcony in the style of your favorite place in the world, be it Greek, Italy, Japan, America or Scandinavia with a few simple tricks! You won’t need much time to decorate your balcony, simply bring pots with flowers or other plants, pillows in fun colors, candles, lanterns, curtains or any other decorative objects you like and relax in perfectly decorated small oases of happiness. Take a look at these charming examples for setting up your own lovely world-inspired outdoor space.

1.Create a classic urban New York balcony with red brick, minimalist furniture and green plants.

Mrs. Alcazar


2. We can be anywhere we wish if we decorate so if we dream about Greece  – we can make it. Bring Santorini, Mykonos or Athens to your balcony with simple yet dreamy blue windows and white walls!


Trendy Home Decorations
Trendy Home Decorations

3. Danish balconies are refined, with quiet style and an emphasis on structure and form.


4. To feel the spirit of Turkish rich history, all you need is unique throw pillows and a small table (Turkish tea and lokum, of course).

Ketevan Giorgadze


5. One of the easiest balcony-decorating ideas around includes clean, minimalist furniture. Bring in a flower pot to your smart an tailored balcony and feel like in London (with a pint of butterbeer)!


Alice Jackson

6. Create a traditional Italian balcony from the period of Romeo and Juliet, with flowers and pastel colored walls. Balcony blooms are always stunning and eye-catching!


Vangie Pedias

7. Set up a mini herb garden if you love to cook start growing your own herbs! Be practical as Germans and use every millimeter of space.

Home Decor Apartment

8. Add some bright colors that will make you feel like you are in Spain! Enjoy the daylight with a little plate of tapas!


9. Feel like you are dining at a favorite Parisian bistro with a classic bistro set. Petite Parisian balconies make the elegance look effortless.

Liv Hanson


10. Nature is very important in Scandinavia, where great attention is paid to light, so open and clear colors that absorb sunlight are preferred as well as gorgeous rattan furniture and pretty plants for a relaxing and chic vibe.

Baczewska Design



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